Amazingly accurate predictive modeling for product and marketing teams. The future is now.


Accelerating the future
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Reactionary marketing and product development is the number one reason for mediocre results and failure in big business. Our SaaS AI-driven, actionable models will give your team the superpower to see the future before everyone else. The rest will be history.
Awesome! We'll keep you updated.
Awesome! We'll keep you updated.

Leadership Team

Who are we?

We are veteran enterpreneurs, distinguished engineers and world-class product designers. Our team has worked together on the problems of marketing automation for more than 15 years.
Bob Long Co-founder, CEO
Aleksandr Popov Co-founder, CTO
Aleksey Gurtovoy Advisory Board



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Bob Long

Bob Long is 25-year veteran executive & entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about the potential of AI technologies for revolutionizing marketing and product development sides of the business.

Prior to founding Teachable Machines, Bob was a founder & CEO of MetaCommunications, which pioneered marketing workflow automation, with products powering the work of thousands of marketing and creative teams around the world.

Aleksandr Popov

A distinguished software engineer and a veteran team lead, Alexandr has 17 years of experience of building and shipping pioneering software products used by thousands of marketing and creative teams worldwide. Never shy of being on the cutting edge of technology, he is excited about the wins a thoughtful AI can bring to forward-looking creative teams.

Prior to co-founding Teachable Machines, Alexandr was VP of Software Engineering, Europe at MetaCommunications, where he led development of ProofMe and all web components of the Workgroups suite.

Aleksey Gurtovoy

Aleksey is a renowned engineer, author and a product builder who has been designing, building & shipping beautifully crafted software for almost two decades. Currently the CEO/Head of Product at Textpress, he's worked together with Bob and Alexander for more than 15 years and is happy to lend his talents to help turn their forward-thinking vision into reality.